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GAFI, discuss Amazon’s future plans in Egypt

GAFI, discuss Amazon’s future plans in Egypt

Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Executive Director of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI), and Omar Al-Sahi, General Manager at Amazon’s, have met to discuss Amazon’s current and future plans in Egypt.

The meeting took place in the presence of Dalia Seif, Head of Public Policies and Regional Director of Operations at Amazon.

Al-Sahi reviewed Amazon’s investments in Egypt, providing nationwide delivery services, through, from more than 10 distribution centres. He noted that about 1,000 employees currently work for,  in addition to a group of delivery partners with whom the company works.

Al-Sahi emphasised that this confirms Amazon’s desire to continue expanding in the Egyptian market, particularly in electronic payment services.

The company also indicated its support for the ambitious digital transformation plan being implemented by the Egyptian government. Company officials discussed with Abdel Wahab the company’s plans to introduce the latest logistical technologies to the country, to work on transforming warehouses and distribution centres into advanced digital and technological areas.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed Amazon’s proposal to develop transportation services by regulating the use of private cars to transport light goods. This would come in addition to supporting government companies and Egypt’s business sector, to ensure they benefit from e-commerce platforms.

Abdel Wahab said that GAFI will provide the necessary support to the company to expand its activities and implement digital transformation plans.

This would also provide the support needs to locally manufacture its own products, and provide the spaces required to establish new warehouses and distribution centres across Egypt.

Abdel Wahab stressed the importance of helping emerging companies to market their products and open up new export markets for Egyptian products through e-commerce.

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