About MiE


What is MiE

MIE – MadeInEgypt is an Egyptian joint stock company that has developed an innovative, disruptive business-to-business marketingsolution that helps Egyptian businesses to promote, sell, and export globally around the world.

We help Egyptian producers, manufacturers, national trade and commerce authorities to increase exports and re-exports from their source markets manufacturers worldwide through our various channels.

Creating Values

MiE has certain values that are the core of our DNA. These values are what we stand for, what we prioritize over all other aspects. We believe that values and principles are a crucial part of a business.

  • Proud Egyptians

  • Detail Oriented

  • Results driven

  • Proactive

  • Passionate

  • Committed

  • Accountability

Our Vision

We have a vision to live in a borderless world, where all countries trade effortlessly. A world where Egyptian quality products are available all around the globe. A world where Egypt is one of the biggest exporters worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect global importers to local exporters providing professional and highly creative result-oriented marketing services, consulting services, and a one-of-a-kind export concierge to support all manufacturers to export

Chairman’s Statement

“MiE – Made in Egypt is the future of trade, enriching the global trade scene with products made with love.

Egyptians always strived when it came to manufacturing and producing, starting from building the Pyramids till the manufacturing of our everyday products. Moreover, Egypt is located in a very strategic place, giving the country a huge number of resources and raw materials that can make the best products in the world, in addition to fast shipping to any place in the world.

Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation & respect for our clients, we aim to exceed expectations and make a difference. We will always challenge ourselves in achieving more and putting Egypt where it truly belongs.”